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Setting aside the two Italian universities catering exclusively to foreigners (the so-called Università per stranieri), UNIMORE ranks 12th in Italy in attracting international students. Its position ranks even higher if the children of immigrants are not counted. These encouraging statistics are well above the national average: 6.3% of the student population consists of international students, compared to the Italian national average of 3.9%.

One of UNIMORE’S primary objectives is to consolidate and develop the influx of students traditionally arriving from several countries in Eastern Europe (Albania, Russia, Romania), Africa (Republic of the Cameroons, Ghana) and North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia).

The following provides basic information for students from some specific countries. Please note that this page is constantly being updated, so you may not find the information you need. For details, please contact us at

UNIMORE and the People's Republic of China – Ongoing Initiatives

  • Project Unitalia: The main objective of this project is to welcome and assist Chinese students in Italy.
  • Extension to Modena and Reggio Emilia of a series of activities and services of the College of China Association. Activities are aimed at: welcoming and assisting Chinese students; offering scholarships; developing relations and providing services to institutions and firms; offering post-graduate courses; charting pathways for cultural integration; promoting intercultural research; organizing cultural initiatives.
  • Introductory courses in Chinese for Italian students and specific Italian courses for Chinese students at the University Language Center.
  • The establishment of a lectureship in Chinese language and culture.
  • An intensive program of approximately 600 hours in Italian language and culture for Chinese students enrolled in the Marco Polo program.

International Student Associations operating locally

ASAM (Association of African Students of Modena)
Office: Via Campi 309, Modena
President: Mr. Djeutchou Djounzoua Eric Cyr
Email contact:

USUA (Union of Arab University Students)
Office: Via Carteria 50, Modena
President: Mr. Soufiane Saki
Email contact: