Bachelor Degree Courses

A degree program is composed of a number of mandatory and optional teaching and learning activities. Each of them corresponds to a certain number of credits. One credit corresponds to 25 hours of student work. The workload of a full-time student during one academic year is sixty credits. Credits are gained by passing examinations. In the Italian grading system the minimum pass mark is 18 out of 30 points and the top mark is 30 cum laude.

A first-cycle degree program (called Laurea triennale) leads to a Bachelor-level degree. A second-cycle degree program (Laurea magistrale) leads to a Master-level degree. Some programs leading to a Master-level degree last longer: they start at undergraduate level and take 5 or 6 years to complete. These are called Lauree magistrali a ciclo unico (Single-cycle Master degrees).

In order to take a first-cycle degree students have to acquire 180 credits in 3 years and to take a single-cycle degree they have to acquire 300 or 360 credits in 5 or 6 years, depending on the requirements of the individual program.

The following is a list of degree courses offered at UNIMORE sorted by broad disciplinary areas. Please note that lectures are usually delivered in Italian.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Bachelor degrees
Accesso Programmato Business administration [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Communication sciences [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato Economics and finance [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Education sciences [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato European languages and cultures [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Humanities for the study of culture [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato International economics and marketing [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Legal services in business and public administration [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Marketing and business organization [ Reggio Emilia ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Programmato Psychological sciences and techniques [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato Strategic sciences [ Modena ]
Combined Bachelor and Masters Degrees
Accesso Libero Law (5 years) [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Primary teacher education (5 years) [ Reggio Emilia ]


Bachelor degrees
Accesso Programmato Biomedical laboratory techniques [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Cardiocirculatory and cardiovascular perfusion techniques [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Dental hygiene [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Dietistic [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Imaging and radiotherapy techniques [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Midwifery [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Nursing - Modena [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Nursing - Reggio Emilia [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato Occupational therapy [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato Physiotherapy [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato Psychiatric rehabilitation techniques [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato Speech and language therapy [ Reggio Emilia ]
Combined Bachelor and Masters Degrees
Accesso Programmato Medicine and surgery (6 years) [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato School of dental medicine (6 years) [ Modena ]


Bachelor degrees
Accesso Programmato Chemistry [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Geological sciences [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Informatica [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mathematics [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Natural sciences [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Physics [ Modena ]


Bachelor degrees
Accesso Programmato Agricultural and food sciences and technologies [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Programmato Biological sciences [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Biotechnologies [ Modena ]
Combined Bachelor and Masters Degrees
Accesso Programmato Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology (5 years) [ Modena ]
Accesso Programmato Pharmacy (5 years) [ Modena ]


Bachelor degrees
Accesso Libero Civil and environmental engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Computer engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Electronic engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Management engineering [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Mechanical engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mechatronics engineering [ Reggio Emilia ]