Master's Degree Programs

To be admitted to a second-cycle degree program students have to have acquired a first-cycle degree. The duration of second-cycle programs is 2 years (120 credits). In order to complete the program students are required to write and discuss a dissertation. The final mark ranges from 66 to 110 points cum laude.

The following is a list of master's degree courses offered at Unimore sorted by broad disciplinary areas. Please note that lectures are usually delivered in Italian, starting with the academic year 2015-2016 the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia offers four master's degree programs taught entirely in English.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Advertising, digital communication and creative business processes [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Anthropology and history of the contemporary world [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Economics and law in business and public administration [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Economics and public policy [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Financial analysis, consulting and management [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero General management and consulting [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero International management [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Labour relations [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Languages for communication in international enterprises and organizations [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Languages, cultures, communication [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Management and business communication [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Pedagogy [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Philosophy [ Modena ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Programmato Nursing and midwifery sciences [ Reggio Emilia ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Chemical sciences [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Geological sciences and technologies [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mathematics [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Physics [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Quaternary, prehistory and archeology [ Modena ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Experimental and applied biology [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Food safety and control [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Industrial biotechnologies [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Medical biotechnologies [ Modena ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Civil engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Computer engineering [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Electronic engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Engineering for environmental sustainability [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Management engineering [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Materials engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mechanical engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mechatronics engineering [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Vehicle engineering [ Modena ]