Internship and work placements

Whether it is formally part of your degree program or you are looking for some relevant work experience, the University has set up agreements with several enterprises.

How it works

  • The work experience can last for up to 12 months (24 months in the case of students with special needs).
  • Working hours depend on the needs of the enterprise.
  • The University will cover all insurance expenses.
  • Generally internships are not paid, but the enterprise might agree to cover some expenses such as transportation and meals.

How to apply (4 steps)

  • Contact the placement office (ufficio stage) of your Department in order to choose a suitable enterprise. Alternatively, you can find an enterprise which agrees to set up a work experience for you.
  • You will need two tutors, one at your Department, the other at work. For the Department tutor ask one of your lecturers. The tutor at work will be already appointed by the placement office (in case you have found the enterprise on your own, you will need to find a tutor at work).
  • Fill in the forms provided by the placement office of your Department.
  • At the end of the work experience hand in the final reports (signed by both tutors) to the placement office of your Department.

List of Placement Offices (Ufficio Stage).

Career Guidance and Placement Office (Ufficio Orientamento al lavoro e Placement)

via Università, 4 - 41121 Modena
tel: +39 059 2057094 - fax: +39 059 2057099
Office hours:
Monday – 10,30 am to 12,30 pm
Thursday – 2,00 pm to 4,00 pm
Students can also make an appointment to use the service outside of regular office hours.