Facts and Figures

20,000 students
1,200 international students
400 Erasmus students
789 professors and researchers
695 administrative and technical staff
14 Departments
644 research and exchange agreements with international partner universities in every continent.
43 first-cycle degree programs
6 single-cycle degree programs
32 second-cycle degree programs
27 postgraduate Medical Specialization Schools
13 PhD programs
1200 scholarships

7 university libraries
14 interdisciplinary research centers
5 service centers
Availability og 700 accommodations facilities in Modena and Reggio Emilia
7 university museums
1 university web-radio

Located across 2 cities: Modena and Reggio Emilia
There are 190 km of bicycle lanes in Modena and 180 in Reggio Emilia
15.3% of our students study abroad for at least one semester
73.1% of our students have participated in an internship program
17.1% of students get scholarships
€ 1,162 is the average monthly salary of UNIMORE graduates at one year from graduation

96.1/100 is the score obtained by UNIMORE in the Italian national ranking   
(source: Repubblica - Censis 2013 )    
Ranked no. 5 among Italian universities (source: Repubblica - Censis 2013 )    
Ranked no. 7 among Italian universities (Times Higher Education World University 2013)    
Ranked no. 10for international process ((source: Repubblica - Censis 2013)    
No. 1 in Italy for academic facilities (source: Campus)    
No. 1 in Italy for student support services (source: Repubblica - Censis 2013))    
No. 2 in Italy for student performance (source: Campus)