The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is located in the historical city centre of Modena.

The garden covers 1 hectare of land and has a surface area of 300 square metres. It is host to a wide variety of plants. Teaching and research activities related to the discipline of botany are carried out in the garden. In addition, the botanical garden is the place where a wide variety of educational programs and special events on the topic of plants and the natural environment are held. These events are intended both for schools and for the public at large.

The plants that grow in the garden, both herbaceous and woody, represent a thorough coverage of the biodiversity within the plant kingdom. In relation to different physio-ecological requirements and variable adaptability to environmental conditions, many of the plants are grown in special holders and under adverse weather conditions, are transferred to suitable, heat-protective shelters. The remaining species are planted outside or in designated areas where they help to create settings exemplifying uniquely rich natural habitats.

Contact information:

Botanical Garden
Viale Caduti in Guerra, 127
41121 Modena
Tel: 059 205 6000
Fax: 059 205 6005